We offer expert, safe towing and roadside assisstance in York Region


Battery Boost

The latest cars have super-sensitive electronic systems which will soon get damaged if you don't jump start just right. We make a point of following the manufacturer's instructions and connecting the cables just where they recommend.


Tire Change

Need a hand changing your tire? Perhaps you can't get the lug nuts off? We can come to your aid whatever your vehicle, whatever the weather. We always tighten lug nuts with a hand torque wrench to the specifications recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. specifications.


Accident Assistance

Remember, before taking any action, it’s important to do what you can to make sure you and your fellow passengers are safe.


Flatbed Towing

Your car is safely lifted and strapped during transportation. the vehicle is secured up a steady and firm ramp, and the vehicle towed will not be in contact to the ground surface.


Recovery / Winching

Sometimes your vehicle ends up in precarious situations. Our trained professionals will extricate your vehicle without hassle or un-necessary extra damage.


Door Unlock

We have the most up to date car entry equipment for even the latest models of cars and will get you back into your vehicle without breaking the lock.